Fonts Manager 3

For OS X
Fonts Manager
Fonts Manager lets you manage all the fonts you want without having to install them in the system or copy them into Font Book. It displays all of them in their own style, and checking a box will make them available to all standard Mac applications. 

Manage all your .ttf, .otf, .dfont and .ttc files without cluttering Font Book.

Support of Classic Mac OS 7.5-9.xx Font Suitcases. Font Suitcase

Drag entire fonts folders into Fonts Manager, and see them displayed without having to install them first.

Try fonts at a click of the mouse, and see how they look with your own typing at sizes between 8 and 500.

Try fonts in Fonts Manager
Add and activate entire folders.

Activate and deactivate fonts in a single click on a check box. Activate and deactivate entire folders. Very convenient for graphic projects, so you can keep all the fonts needed neatly tucked into a single folder which can then be passed to the Typesetter or Printer all at once.

The full version of this app installs 57 fonts from and the 1700+ Google Fonts, usually web oriented. Display them and activate or deactivate each in a click, without bloating Font Book content. Once activated, they will show in all standard Mac OS X applications : word processor, desktop publishing, graphic applications, presentations, etc.

Google Fonts Open Source fonts can be used in any way you want, privately or commercially. The fonts files are easy to access if needed to pass to a typesetter with a Desktop Publishing project, for instance.

Easily add other TrueType ttf or OpenType otf fonts, dFont or TTF, as well as Font Suitcases. What is very convenient is that you can place the fonts for a particular project together within a folder, so when comes time to pass that to a typesetter, they are already organized.

Using this font manager, you do not need to install the fonts permanently, which is very convenient when one tries and plays with a lot of fonts. Today one can find so many different free fonts over the Internet.

Fonts are an integral part of what makes a better presentation, would that be a keynote, a conference, a book, an ad, a poster, or even a simple memo. We may not always realize it, but the richness of Web 2.00 has accustomed each one of us to a profusion of typographies that the printed material sometimes lacks.

This app does not move the files already installed. It simply displays them.

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All questions, suggestions and insight are welcome. A lot of options are the direct result of users requests.

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