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If I write in, how long will it take for you to reply ?
In general, during business hours, we do our best to reply as soon as possible. Which means sometimes 5 minutes if we are working on email, a few hours otherwise. If you do place an order out of business hours, on a week-end or at night, please allow us time to resume work, and we will do our utmost.

I am not sure I will be satisfied. Do you offer refunds ?
Since 1987, we have tried our best to satisfy our customers to the best of our knowledge, and followed all technological evolution. This is why we provide a free evaluation program with 30 days of full functionnalities. So you can make sure it works for you BEFORE you pay.

Can you please call me back to assist in installation
The very reason we provide free evaluation samples is for you to try before you buy. Try it on before you buy, so you can see if it works on you. Sorry, no phone support is available. We do our best to reply ASAP and personally by email. Please understand that hotline and call centers have a heavy cost, our low prices cannot finance.

Why should I go through PayPal ? I rather pay by phone with my credit card.
We stopped taking payment over the telephone to avoid any fraud. In any store, we could ask for ID and be safe. Besides, think about it : when you shout your credit card details to a call center at the other end of the world over a wireless or cell phone, are you really sure nobody is overhearing ?
The very reason why we chose PayPal, is to avoid any security breach. As one of the major payment processors on the Internet today, they are the most trusted partner. When you pay through PayPal, we never know your credit card details. This is much, much safer for both parties. For you, it is as safe as an ATM from home (much better than the real thing), and for us, there is no chance of error. Everybody is happy.

Ooops ! My PayPal primary address is obsolete, and your mail will be lost
Please let us know your current address, name and product purchased, so we can send you a copy of the download instructions. This is also valid if for any reason your mail crashed, or something happened that distroyed your precious files.
To change your PayPal primary address, log onto their site, enter your new address (they have excellent guidelines), verify it, and voila.

My computer crashed, I have lost your program and license key. Please help.
We keep good records and can retrieve your download instructions for you later on. But we cannot stress enough the need to keep software in a safe place on a usb stick or other storage. Save both the downloaded software and download instructions (for the license key) immediately after purchase. In case of need, Murphy's law will make it difficult, for instance on a week-end, at night, who knows. Save your precious software NOW, would it come from us or any other download publisher/retailer. Do not worry excessively, though. If you suffered any loss, we will still do our best to recover the data you acquired here. You will always get better personal service from the author himself than from anonymous call centers. Where are all these overinflated guys who tried to sell cars and kitchen sinks in cyberspace today ? Proof is in the pudding : we are small, but we are here and still following up on our early customers.
What insures me that you will deliver as promised ?
Our Payment processor, PayPal, has a very strict procedure in case a vendor does not deliver. Our system is set so as soon as you have completed payment, you will be taken to the download area, where your computer will fetch your purchase electronically. And at the same time, download instructions will be sent to your current PayPal address as an added measure of precaution. Last, but not least, we are a member of the Association of Software Professionals, which provides arbitration if needed though the ASP Ombudsman.

Asoociation Of Software Professionals

If you still have questions, please feel free to send us an email.

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